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place : Yokohama
type : Restaurant
area : renewal of kitchen hall and deli area
art direction : Hermes co. ltd.
designer : Takuji Kamio
photo : Artproject

‘WAKO’ is one of the most famous TONKATSU restaurant group in Japan. Besides they have a lot of service varieties, this time they have concentrated more on organic vegetables. Not only meat but also they have deserved to provide high quality vegetables, which can be recognized with the farmers’ faces.

Although this has been  a new challenging restaurant in the natural food categories, at the same time we had to consider of that this is a big family restaurant on the roadsides; so many people including a little kids through grandparents may visit here and we can never claim for their unexpected movements. Therefore, we carefully chose the materials, which were enough strong for the heavy duties, and tried to apply those high-teck materials not to be recognized so obviously. Beside this sustainable issues, it was also very important for us to express pureness, nature feeling, cleanness, and perhaps some roughness.

Considering the main purpose of marketing development, we had better to focus our eyes on Japanese tastes while trying to gain and mix the contemporary western aspects. The shop ambition made up with Sunday market mood was actually composed with lots of Japanese materials and displayed with western items.

Mixing and harmonizing the realities…..
perhaps it is the most important aspect to describe this huge family restaurant, which may give you even senses of life after all.

面積:リニューアル 100平米+α
アートディレクト : 株式会社ヘルメス
デザイナー : 神尾卓次
撮影 : アートプロジェクト








<VIEW OF HERB CASE  / レセプション横ハーブケースを見る>





<VIEW OF MARKET HALL / レセプション奥ディスプレイエリアを見る>





<VIEW OF KIDS ROOM / キッズルームを見る>





<VIEW OF ENTRANCE HALL  / エントランスホールを見る>





<BUILDING OVER VIEW / 屋外より全ぼうを見る>