<  C O N T A C T  >KAMIO DESIGN is located in Roppongi area and Shonan area in Japan. Surely we are able to work in any places in Japan but also have many experiences in oversea, such as London, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, and Hawaii. Please feel free to make a contact with us if you have any plan to open a shop or make a new house. We are very happy to talk and brainstorm with you to figure out the first tips.
You may simply send us an email about your plan, u-boat replica watches and then we will reply for you soon later. Or, please call us in the case you are in a hurry.


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Please call us directly and leave a message if necessary.
PHONE : 81-(0)467-82-0670 / M.T.R.F. 10:00-17:00



<  お 問 い 合 わ せ  >KAMIO DESIGNでは国内国外、物件の場所を問わず様々なお仕事に携わらせていただいてます。新規店舗の出店や新居の設計のみならず、既存店のリニューアルや部分的な改装まで、”デザインの大小”を問わず、まずはお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。メール等でご対応させていただいた後、必要ならば直接お会いしてリスニングさせていただきます。
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(月.火.木.金 10:00-17:00)株)いちい本社  tel : 0467-82-0670